How Does LiveVideoEducation Work?

How To Join

It's easy to join a LiveVideoEducation course or add a course to LiveVideoEducation:

  • Register for an account at (NofB).
  • After verification, your account will be activated.
  • Return back to and login with your username and password.
  • Depending on your registration type, you can now create courses to teach or enroll in courses as a student.

Inside LiveVideoEducation

  • LiveVideoEducation's basic structure is organized around Courses. These are basically pages or areas within LiveVideoEducation where teachers can present their learning Resources and Activities to students. These pages can have different layouts, but usually include a number of central sections where materials are displayed, as well as side Blocks offering extra features or information.
  • Courses can contain content for a year's studies, a single session or any other variants depending on the teacher or establishment. They can be used by one teacher or shared by a group of teachers.
  • How students enroll in courses depends on the teaching establishment; for example, they can self-enroll or be enrolled manually by the teacher. Teachers can also give out special enrollment keys to students to limit the number of students who can enroll in their class.
  • Courses are organized into categories. Teachers can create courses under one of our many course categories such as Mathematics, Economics, Science, Real Estate, etc....

Teachers, Students and Other LiveVideoEducation Users

  • Depending on your membership, you will either be a Teacher or a Student. You will be granted all of the Teacher or Student privileges.
  • Teachers can create and manage their courses. Teachers can also assign other teachers or aids to help teach their courses.
  • Students can only enroll in courses, participate in course activities and manage their own accounts.

Finding Your Way Around

  • A logged-in user can access areas of LiveVideoEducation such as their courses or profile from the Navigation Block and Administration Block. Students cannot access the Teaching or Administration block.
  • Each user has their own customizable page, accessed from the My Home link.


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