Below is a list of general questions many educators ask about LiveVideoEducation.

Starting With LiveVideoEducation

What Is LiveVideoEducation?

  • LiveVideoEducation is a Learning Management System (LMS, also called VLE or Virtual Learning Environment).

How Do I Start Using LiveVideoEducation?

  • Sign up for an account at (NofB).
  • After verification, your LiveVideoEducation account will be activated.
  • Return back to and login with your username and password.
  • Depending on your LiveVideoEducation registration type, you can now create courses to teach or enroll in courses others are teaching.
  • Your LiveVideoEducation account also gives you access to many Other Services.

Do I Have To Be Really Good With Technology To Use LiveVideoEducation?

  • To use LiveVideoEducation, you only need the basic web-browsing skills. LiveVideoEducation provides the necessary tools for teachers to teach effectively and enhance the learning experience.

What Age Of Learners And Educational Settings Is LiveVideoEducation Most Appropriate For?

  • LiveVideoEducation can be and is successfully used from early years of Primary schools to the Secondary sector and universities worldwide. LiveVideoEducation can be adapted to suit learners of all ages in any learning environment, including business training.

Is LiveVideoEducation Just For Online Learning?

  • It can be. However, in most cases, LiveVideoEducation is used to support and combine face-to-face interaction with e-learning and other forms of learning.

Are There Any Provisions In LiveVideoEducation For People With Disabilities?

  • Certainly. LiveVideoEducation supports many assistive technologies such as screen-readers, screen-magnifiers, alternative mouse and key use, disabling of AJAX and Javascript, and more.

Navigation and settings

How Do I Login To LiveVideoEducation?

  • Click on the Login link at the top of, or copy and paste the following link in your browser location bar:
  • On the login page, enter your LiveVideoEducation username and password to gain access.

How Do I Get Around LiveVideoEducation?

  • Use the Navigation block on the side of your page. From there you can go directly to any part of LiveVideoEducation you have access to.

How Do I Edit Things?

  • You can only edit things you have permission to edit. A regular user, such as a student, can only edit their My Home page and their profile page. A user with editing rights, such as a teacher, can use the 'Turn editing on' button or link in the Settings block to edit items.

Who Can Create And Edit Activities And Other Things In Courses?

  • The teacher who creates those courses.


How Do I Share Ideas And Learn From Other Educators Using LiveVideoEducation?

  • By participating in many ways, such as through events, Forums on and networks elsewhere.

Can LiveVideoEducation Be Used In Different Subjects (say maths, languages, art, media, science...)?

  • Yes, LiveVideoEducation is used in a variety of fields and offers many tools through many of the available modules and filters.

How Can I Use LiveVideoEducation To Stimulate Students To Think Harder And Ask Good Questions?

  • By asking and encouraging good questions that students can wrestle with and explore through, and with the help of activities and resources in a course. For example, open a forum discussion with a provocative question, start a wiki where groups collaboratively build a solution ... and more!

How Can I Communicate With Students By Using LiveVideoEducation?

  • Many ways are available. Add our Live Video Phone Button to your courses, quizzes, etc., Students can connect to you via Live Video with just a click of the button. You can also check out some of the examples here: Forums are great for extended conversations over time, Messages for private channels, Chat for synchronous conversations, and Comments for quick notices and remarks. You can also exchange online feedback with Assignment, comments to Blog posts ... and more!

How Can We Share Resources With LiveVideoEducation?

  • LiveVideoEducation offers a number of ways to share content: making files and folders available to course participants, attaching files to Forum posts, importing and linking resources to and from external repositories/portfolios ... and more!

How Can LiveVideoEducation Help People Collaborate?

  • Use different activities like Wikis to create content together, Forums and Comments to exchange ideas, Glossary to create a shared understanding of concepts ... and more! You can Group students in any of these activities to promote collaboration.

How Do I Grade In LiveVideoEducation?

  • Grades can be created for each Activity in a Course, which are then added to the Gradebook. For example, grades in Assignment (all types), Quiz and Workshop activities are automatically added to the Gradebook. In some activities you will have to turn grading on, such as ratings 'on' in Forum, Glossary and Database to send them to the Gradebook. You can also use the Gradebook to adjust, assign or automatically scale an activity grade in your course. For some activities which don't automatically link to the Gradebook, such as Chat or Feedback, you have to create a new Grade Item manually. There are many ways you can give feedback to students on their progress in activities without giving them a grade. In Assignments for example, you can give written feedback.

Can Students Do Self And Peer Assessment-Type Tasks With LiveVideoEducation?

  • Yes. Probably the best activity to do that is Workshop module. Informally, students can evaluate (and even rate) each others' Forum posts and Glossary entries.


How Long Does It Take Students To Learn To Use LiveVideoEducation?

  • It really does not take a great deal of skill or computer knowledge to use LiveVideoEducation. With basic web-browsing and editing skills, students (and teachers) can use LiveVideoEducation - instantly!

What Do My Students Need To Know Before Using LiveVideoEducation?

  • They need to know how to login to the site and of course, and have some basic web browsing and computer skills. They need to know how to use a mouse and keyboard, what a link is, and maybe how to attach, upload or download a file.

Do Students Have To Be Online All The Time To Use LiveVideoEducation?

  • LiveVideoEducation is an online learning management system and at some point you and your students will have to spend some time in front of a computer. How much time depends on what you use LiveVideoEducation for. Most LiveVideoEducation sites are used to mix offline and online learning activities.

Basic LiveVideoEducation Jargon

LiveVideoEducation uses jargon words that you may be familiar with from other, non-LiveVideoEducation contexts. Within LiveVideoEducation, these words have specific (and potentially different) meanings, as explained below.

What Is A Course?

  • A course is the basic learning area on LiveVideoEducation where a teacher displays materials for his/her students. See Courses.

What Is A Category?

  • A category is a group of things and has several meanings in LiveVideoEducation. It can be a grouping of courses by a certain criteria (Such as: Science; Junior School; Staff Area), a group of questions, or a group of entries in a glossary.

What Is An Activity?

  • Usually an Activity is something that a student will do that interacts with other students and/or the teacher. LiveVideoEducation has over a dozen "activity" types of tools for a teacher to use in a course.

What Is A Resource?

  • Resources are items that a teacher can use to support learning, such as a file or a link.

What Is A Block?

  • Typically, Blocks are items which may be added to the left or right of a course's home page. There are dozens of different blocks that can be added to a course, or pages within a course.

What Is A Plugin?

  • A plugin is an optional extra component which can add functionality to a teacher's course. Certain plugins require a special request to be activated by the LiveVideoEducation moderator.

What Is A Filter?

  • Filters can be used to add links, insert multimedia players, or convert Mathematical expressions and emoticons into displayed images.

What Is A Section?

What Is A Role?

  • In LiveVideoEducation, users are assigned two basics roles during NofB registration, Student or Teacher/Student (where teachers can assign other teachers to their courses).


How Secure Is LiveVideoEducation?

  • LiveVideoEducation is designed to be very secure.

Can I Track And Search What People Do And Post In LiveVideoEducation?

  • Assuming you are a teacher and it is your course, yes.


Do I Need My Own Server To Run LiveVideoEducation?

  • No, LiveVideoEducation is web-based. All you need to do is login to the website.

Can I Customize A Theme And Make It About Our School?

  • In general, NO. Users can only update their own profiles and homepages.

Does It Matter What Computer Type Or Browser I Use For LiveVideoEducation?

  • LiveVideoEducation works well in all standard, modern browsers and different operating systems. As with any web-based application, you should be aware of your audience, their typical bandwidth and web browsers.

Can You Use LiveVideoEducation From Anywhere?

  • Yes, as long as it is on a web server attached to the internet and you have a computer, mobile device or tablet. Or if it is on a web server attached to the same intranet (internal network) as the computers or tablets used to run it.

Can I Access LiveVideoEducation From A Mobile Device?

  • Yes. Use the LiveVideoEducation Mobile App for iPhone.

I've Come From A School That Used a Different VLE/LMS. Can I Move My Stuff Over To LiveVideoEducation?

  • Sure. Some VLE/LMS-specific activities may (not) be compatible, but you can zip your content files and unzip them in LiveVideoEducation.

I Spotted A Bug In The System. What Do I Do?

I Have An Idea For A Feature And/Or Improvement In LiveVideoEducation. What Do I Do?


How Much Does It Cost To Use LiveVideoEducation?

    There is no charge to use LiveVideoEducation.

How Much Does It Cost To Run LiveVideoEducation?

How Much Does It Cost To Have LiveVideoEducation Hosted?

  • Nothing. The program is web-based so there is no charge for hosting.



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