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The Scholarship Search is an interactive, online tool to help you locate scholarships and other financial assistance for education. It includes over 7,000 scholarships, fellowships, grants and other opportunities.

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Don't be a Dummy - ask for the Money!

If you don't ASK - You won't GET. Almost anyone can receive Free Money for College if you educate yourself about the process and complete the application properly. Of course you must meet the qualifications, but there are so many scholarships and grants available that you can't miss if you "apply" - that's the secret word to getting money. You can "Ask and Apply" to thousands of sources and all it costs is your time.

Why they Award Free Money

First you must understand why and who gives away money. Usually they want something in return.

Governments - they give out money to advance education.

Colleges and Foundations - they give out need based money, but they also consider the meritorious aspects.

Colleges award money to superior students to advance their institution's academic reputation. They are concerned about having a distinguished alumni because donations come from their alumni, so they award to high grade students.

Foundations generally have an interest in promoting fields of study where graduates will enter professions and businesses which the Business Foundation supports.

Need Based Awards are Grants that are solely based on financial needs. Grants are generally not based on grade levels. You don't have to be at the poverty level to obtain grant money, however family's income, number of dependents in family, etc, are factors in determining grant awards.

Merit Based Scholarship Awards are based upon merits such a GPA, Athletics, Leadership, Talented in the Literary or Fine Arts, etc. There are special programs for ethnic minorities, women, physically challenged, mature students and Special Education for Business and Industries, etc.

Service Organizations such as the Elks, Rotary Club and United Way raise scholarship money. The American Legion supports veterans and their families. There are thousands of Foundations which supply Grants and Scholarships. Trade Unions supply scholarships to members and their families. Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Mosques and other religions offer Grants and Scholarships to their followers.

Private Grants and Scholarships are much easier to get than Government Grants simply because Businesses and Corporate Foundations don't have bureaucratic rules and red tape. Non Profit Organizations with 5a 1(c)3 status offer scholarships with specific requirements. Remember this - Grant Writers give money based upon what matters to them and not to you. Don't waste your time if your application doesn't match the grant writer's mission of award.

Usually, you can gain a more favorable financial package if you have what the College wants.

Get started now, focus on the best programs for you and prioritize them and above all, send out as many applications as you can. You don't get, if you don't ask!

Our College Grant and Scholarship Search is the place to start. You'll find it easier if you and your friends pool your energies and collaborate by sharing the work.


Select criteria for your search in the Category Search or use the Keyword Search to search by words and phrases. Select the specific award types, levels of study, and geographic and affiliation restrictions that apply to you. Make multiple selections in each category by holding the Control key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) while selecting options. Selections are not necessary in all categories. However, at least one selection must be made to generate results.

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