Loan Advice

If your parent or guardian died as a result of military service in Iraq or Afghanistan,
you may be eligible for an Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant.

Loan Advice

Before you consider tuition funding, you must exhaust your inquires for Grants and Scholarships - They are Free. Next, take our Free College Credit Courses offered through our Live Video Education Program and take test out exams to reduce your General Education Requirement, which will save you Time and Money.

Federal Government Loans have fixed interest rates and the rates are sometimes lower than Private Loans. Federal Perkins and Stafford Loans don't require credit scores, but if you have good credit, Private Loans can compete with Government Loans on Interest. Government Loans are regulated, whereas Private Lenders are more flexible in their loan policies.

Fill out the FAFSA Federal Student Aid application as soon as you can after your enrollment. Federal Loans include Perkins, Stafford and PLUS Loans. The amounts of the Loans differ, Click Here to See Federal Student Loan Information.

To obtain some loans you have to demonstrate need. Federal Plus Loans require a parents credit check. Many Private Lenders also require Parents or a Co-Signer.

Our Lending Information is current as it is supplied to us by Private Lenders and Government Sources. States have eligibility and regulatory requirements and so there are different Lenders in each State. To obtain Loan Comparison and Eligibility from our Lenders, it requires you to complete a basic information form. To gain confirmed costs in detail, you need to fill out a Student Loan Application. They will require the following:

  • Income Proof such as W-2, tax returns or paystubs.
  • Proof that you are enrolled, in a school letter confirmation.
  • Copy of Identification, such as Drivers License or Military or State ID.
  • esigned credit agreement.
  • Visa copy for Foreign Students.

Loan Policies vary on payments, some loans don't require loan payments during enrollment and some defer payments for months. Interest may start during enrollment, while others have grace periods. Some Lenders may have Interest Only payments while you're enrolled - Check these policies out and enter it into your loan making decision.

Fill out the Loan Application completely because incomplete applications require responses and that sometimes puts a hold on your application. A complete application takes about a week to be processed.

Federal Loans require you to submit income tax information on the previous year. The deadline to file the FAFSA is June 30th, but many States are now allocating funds on a first come, first served basis, so file the FAFSA as soon as possible. Everyone is eligible for financial aid, regardless of income, but students must have a High School Diploma or GED, have a Social Security Number, be Registered with the Selective Service and not be in default on a Federal Loan.

Federal Plus Loans are loans to Parents and they have requirements similar to Private Loans, such as credit checks, the student cannot be over 24 and cannot have dependents and cannot be a student attending school of less than 50% of the time.

Consider these factors into your loan decision -

  • Live at Home or on Campus Room and Board
  • Total Tuition including all Loan Fees
  • Cost of Books and Supplies, Computer, Cell Phone
  • Transportation

Remember, Loan Disbursements are sent to the school to pay for tuitions, etc. Any excess is usually sent to the parents.

GradPlus Loans are for Graduate Students. Plus Loans are for Undergraduate Students. Loans can be consolidated using Federal or Private Loans.

Private Lenders do not require you to file a FAFSA. Students using Private Loans are required to complete the Private Loan Self-Certification Form. Most Private Lenders require credit worthy co-signers, but having a co-signer usually lowers your loan interest rates. Private Loan proceeds can be sent directly to the borrower if your lender and school doesn't require certification of funding.

Schools are required to verify enrollment. Certified Loans require schools to verify that the loan does not exceed school tuitions and other educational costs. Certified disbursements are sent to the school to pay for tuition and costs of education.

Consolidating Students Loans can lower your payments and possibly interest rates too. If you have a consolidated loan and have added another loan, you can re-consolidate. There are variables, such as the dates of your loans, interest rates and lending policies that you must consider in consolidating. Usually, Consolidation is a good way to go.

PRIVATE STUDENT LOAN SEARCH - Get a List of the Choice Private Lenders - Click Here

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