Live Video Classroom

Live Video Classroom is our Free Live Interactive Streaming Video Program that schools can use to Netcast their Classroom Lectures Live over the internet. Students are able to interact live with the teacher in the same manner as being in the classroom.

Everyone can use our video programs Free. Students and Schools have unlimited use. There are No Downloads. The programs operate on Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops.

Lectures can be scheduled or they can be instantly initiated and students can be alerted by video, audio or text. Classes can be recorded and archived, so students can play on demand to review a class and they can play anytime if they miss a class. Live Classes require a student enrolled password to enter. Classes can be structured Free or by Fee by the school policy. Class attendance can be controlled by the school using live interactive 2 Way Video identification.

Live Video Classroom has many Features including File and Video Transfer, Screen Sharing, Text IM, etc. In addition to our Live Video Classroom program, Live Video offers a suite of Three Interactive Apps that are used in internet education, commerce and communication -

  • "Live Video Phone" provides students with the ability to Live Video Communicate with Faculty, Administration, as well as other students, friends and family.

    ALL of OUR LIVE VIDEO PROGRAM's are FREE to USE and are widely used by Businesses to Display and Demo Products, so Consumers can See & Talk Live with Sales Reps.

  • "Live Video Classroom" is used by schools and businesses to conduct meetings and conferences. Anyone can use this program for their personal use too for family and friends conferencing.

  • "NetVision TV" - It's similar to TV, But it's not just "One Way" - It's Interactive, so viewers can also participate. All of our Live Video Programs are Easy to Use - Just a Button Click - There are No Downloads and No Special Servers or Bandwidth Requirements, so everything is virtually free. Anyone can set up a professional classroom with just a smart cell phone camera and using our Live Video apps. It's now possible for a College to provide Free Education to Millions of Students. To learn more about the Live Video Ed programs, Click Here for detailed information from our subsidiary -

Live Video Forum

The Live Video Forum is a Q & A Program enabling students to interact with faculty, assistants and other students on various degree programs and courses. Answers can be in Text or Video with a text referencing line. Questions can only be posted in text and are limited to 300 characters.

Each original Question or Comment is tagged with a number for answer response tracking, so the Questions, Comments and Answers appear together and users can see the exchange. There may be several answers and text discussions regarding questions or comments, which gives users an informational experience. Questions and Answers remain in the Video Forum for a few days and are then purged. Video Answers are limited to a one minute video reply and can be viewed by all users.


Private Conferencing

Users who answer questions can optionally place the Button on their answer text line, if they will accept a Live Private Video Connection, which enables any user to connect for a Live Two Way Private Video Conversation. Users can talk as long as they like. Private Connections are by Selection, Invitation and Acceptance and can be cancelled anytime by anyone using the Button Control.

The Live Video Forum is a College Social Networking Study Tool!

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