Finding Help

Whether you need a person or a website, there are many resources available as you consider going to college.

Your College Support Team

While the office of Federal Student Aid provides free resources and help, there also are people you can talk to if you have questions or need advice, help, or support: parents, teachers, school counselors, coaches, people in your community or place of worship, or someone you know who went to college.

Think of these people as your support team.

Start discussing your plans for college today with your support team. They won't know you need support and encouragement unless you tell them. Then you can work together to reach your goals.

If you're in high school, your school counselor can help you focus on your needs and goals. He or she will also have information about different types of schools and can help you collect or prepare application materials. Learn more about applying to schools.

Colleges You Are Considering

Admissions Office

The admissions staff members at the colleges or career schools you are considering will be able to answer questions about admissions requirements and deadlines, tuition and fees, scheduling a visit, and more. Not sure where you want to go? Get information about choosing a school.

Financial Aid Office

Talk to the financial aid staff at each school you're interested in to find out about the financial aid programs available and the cost of attending that school. Staff also can help you apply for and receive financial aid and help you understand their financial aid offer.

The Federal Government

Federal agencies provide a variety of services and resources to specific audiences including help paying for college or career school. Visit the U.S. government's official portal website, to search for services or look at topics by audiences such as kids, citizens, and visitors to the United States.

Your State Government

The state you live in also may be able to help answer your questions. Many state higher education agencies provide resources to help students prepare for college and a career.

Free Course Directory
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How the Program Works
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Financial Aid
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PRIVATE Student Loans
Loan Resources and info

Loan Advice
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College Credit by Examination
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College Level Courses
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Free Grants
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