Private Student Loans

Private Student Loans

There are two sources of Students Loans 1) Federal Student Loans and 2) Private Students Loans. Students should not concern themselves with Loans until they have researched the Grant and Scholarship Funds that are available, because these funds are Free with No Repayment. In addition, students should thoroughly examine all the Free Course Credit Programs and the Test Out Exams that Live Video Education provides, which can reduce your General Education Requirements in your College Degree program. Our Live Video Education Program can save Time and Money?

Once you have exhausted these Free programs you can consider Student Loans. Our Financial Aid Resource section is the place to understand all about Federal Student Loans such as Perkins, Stafford and Plus Loans, Who is Eligible, Finding Help, etc. Click Here to Go to Our Financial Aid Resources. To seek Federal Student Loans, you must file the FAFSA - it's the Application for Student Aid. Many of the State Governments also offer Student Loan Programs.

Perkins Loans are based upon needs while Plus Loans are designed for Parents who want to contribute to the educational needs of their children, but, they require credit standing. Government Loans have restrictions on the use of the funding, so it is wise to compare Private Lenders and their lending policies.

Parents and Students are provided with objective loan information to guide them in the loan application. Families all have different needs, so each inquiry is processed as a unique financial matter for the family, however, the financial decision and selection is solely the borrower's decision.

We only list the largest originator Private Lenders of Student Loans. We do not offer preferences. Most of the smaller originating lenders sell off their student loans when students enter repayment. There's National and State Secondary Markets that purchase their loans. Sallie Mae is the largest; they originate Federal Student Loans as well as private Student Loans.

Secondary markets often offer repayment incentives to borrowers such as interest rate reductions for timely monthly payments. Of course, borrower obligations to repay their loan does not change if a lender sells a loan; It is standard practice in the lending and banking industries for originators to sell their loans.

Not all lenders lend at all schools, nor do they lend in all States.

Lenders generally do not list complete details of the terms of student loans until you file an application, simply because it prevents comparisons based on cost. They list their lowest rate and that rate is only provided to good credit borrowers; marginal credit borrowers pay much higher. Most interest rates fluctuate and are influenced by market and government forces. For these reasons, we do not attempt to publish rates; our advice is to deal with the larger lenders as there is reasoning why most borrowers do so.

There are many different types of student loans that Lenders make. There are under graduate and graduate programs and loans to parents, etc., so don't try to compare "apples to oranges."

Go to these Lending Sites and make your own decision and don't be influenced by counselors or school admission representatives. You may find there is little difference in what all Lenders offer, because competition keeps them close, but small differences can add up.

Live Video Education provides a list of Private Student Loans sources to assist you in finding Private Student Loan Information about the total costs of loans, the number of monthly payments, fees and the APR with quotes of Fixed vs Variable Interest Rates.

For Loan Advice, Click Here.

To help determine what your financial aid needs may be, we've put together resources describing the varous information for Financial Aid requirements, explanations and various programs. Click on any link below for more information.

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