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On Campus College vs. Free Online Education

Obtaining a College Degree is one of the Biggest Financial Decisions a High School Graduate has to make. In most cases, it involves Parents who are willing to encumber their total wealth in order to enroll their teenager into Higher Education to prepare them for life's workplace.

Tuition Costs have skyrocketed and "annual" fees are running between 20 to $40,000. Tuition Financing is usually referred to as "Low Cost Student Loans;" the only thing "Low " is the interest rate. The average yearly fee for an undergraduate's tuition, fees, room and board at a private, non-profit 4 year College is $37,906. Without room and board, the annual tuition and required fees are averaging $27,686. These figures were obtained from the US Federal Government - National center for Education Statistics (NCES.ed.gov) Click Here to view their site.

We'll let you do the Math - total costs and fees x 4 years - AND, don't forget the interest on your student loans if you're not paying cash. While you're at this Government site, read about your earnings potential, however, to get a better idea, visit Payscale.com Click Here to view. Payscale provides Starting Salary Data on 120 Majors with earnings data compiled from over 1.4 million alumni from over 1,000 Colleges. Another site that can accurately project your earnings is Salary.com, Click Here.

The Federal Government has tried to lower education costs by offering Student Grants, but in almost all cases, Grants are assigned over to Colleges to pay for part of the College Tuition, so in effect, Grants only subsidize the College operations.

There are almost 22 million students now attending America's Colleges and Universities, BUT, only 1 in 5 students will graduate in four years and less than 50% will graduate in six years. Each year, over 2.2 million high schoolers enroll in College and they are now joined by older students - there's over 8 million students over the age of 25 going back to school. Why? They believe it's their lack of education that is holding them back from getting a good paying job, BUT don't believe that - there are fewer jobs out there and that's a Fact that Government has failed to address. $9 an Hour, Fast Food/Restaurant Jobs are not jobs that should be considered in the employment rate - one out of five college graduates doesn't have a meaningful job and only one in five have a job which they were trained for.

Less than 70% of High Schoolers enroll in college after high school graduation. These statistics all point out the problem. Many just can't afford it - that is the reason why Live Video Classroom was created.

Our short term goal is to provide the course requirements for general education that every College requires. We are able to provide courses, so students can test out and receive college credits. We provide a wide selection of courses to waive up to two years of a four year degree program, which enables you to save half of the tuition costs of a 4 Year Program.

Our Long Range goal is to provide course programs in 120 majors, so students can receive the equivalent education of a 4 Year Degree Program entirely on the Net.

The proof of our viability will be evidenced by our graduates and our placement record into the Professions Job Marketplace, however, that's just a part of what Live Video Education is all about.

High Tuition Costs are not the only reason why Colleges are experiencing high dropout rates. On Campus College Graduates are not obtaining jobs for which they are trained. There simply are not enough jobs for College Graduates - It's the Economy and Live Video Education has the answer to correct the problem that is not only facing College Graduates, but also most of American Businesses. Businesses have hundreds of thousands of job openings but they require specialized business education and to a large part, academia has not addressed the problem. 90% of all employment is created by Business, yet, most Colleges offer liberal arts and humanities as their core degree programs.

Internet Video Classrooms

Live Video Education has developed several live video communication apps, including our "Live Video Classroom" program which will change education and with it, everyone's personal finances and wealth.

Live Video Education's Video Communication Programs enable College Class Lectures to be Live Video Netcasted so they can be viewed simultaneously by tens of thousands of students. Students can collaborate and interact live by 2 way video, audio and text. Viewing a Class Lecture on the net is no different than attending an ON Campus Classroom. Students can ask questions and receive instant answers from Professors or their Assistants, during and after class lectures.

Our Live Classes are also Video Recorded and are Archived so students can play them anytime and study at their own pace from any location.

Our Professors

Who would you like as your Professor - One who understands your Major because they have worked in the profession or someone who has never had a job other than teaching. It's important that we have the Very Best of Professors in their Major Field and not an academic theorist who has no working experience. Our professors all teach at America's Most Prestigious Schools and we have selected them because of their High Rating. We also choose Colleges that have a High Rate for on time Graduations because it indicates Faculty knowledge and Student Respect. To learn How our Courses Work, Click Here.

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